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6:01? More like, Six-NO-one!

So, I feel it is my duty to describe the events of 6:01, the first party of the year, the end of dry week, 2006. If you don't want to read a somewhat longer description, then here's a condensed version: It sucked.

About a week before 6:01, the RA of Berger told us that it was going to be a CMC-only event, and that people couldn't get in or get beer without a CMC ID. Though I'm fine with 5C students being at our parties, I have felt that CMC students alone should be able to get our alcohol due to how the other schools treat us when it comes to parties, so I wasn't too worried. Then, I was told that a cage would be constructed in NQ, inside of which would be the party, and that we wouldn't be allowed to bring drinks in or out of the cage. "Whaaaa?" I seemed to say. Anyway, that was true. Also, Capus Security was out in force. A little before 6pm, Jamie, Elissa, Steph, and I were gathered in Brooke and Ayana's room in Wohlford. We saw the tiny cage, with a keg of cheap beer, and a turntable (only one, and no microphone) inside. We saw campus security officers stopping students walking around outside of the cage and making them empty their beer bottles. It was so lame. Also, not only did you have to be a CMC student to get into the cage, but once inside, you had to be 21 to get cheap beer. Ew.

So we had to, as we usually do, make our own fun, which was fine. But I really felt bad for the freshmen, who on top of living in triples or Stark lounges with motion-sensor lights, are now at CMC, the anti-party school. It was a real shame. I think the last three or so classes have seen a side of CMC that is no longer. So, one of the last few reasons why I didn't end up transferring out of here: gone.

To add insult to the twisted alcohol policy of the evening, one of the Camp Sec officers ($5 if you can guess which one) actually wrote up some students using a tobacco water pipe in the Tea Garden, and confiscated their instrument. The TEA GARDEN!!! I know that a number of us have been observed by these same authorities using such instruments in the tea garden, and until now, haven't the authorities always just wanted to know that we were 5C students? I guess now they're actually giving people citations. Harrumph, I say!

So, I had a good time with my friends, but I must say that 6:01 was a sorry sight indeed. I'm told the SAC quit and that DAC was in charge, which explains some of it, but still...bah.


WOW THAT IS SO LAME!!!!11!!!1!1!

I'm glad I'm never coming back. Well, at least not until I'm almost 21.


oh my god. a moment of silence for our no longer cool school.
Things are getting back to normal, yes? Or so I've been told.


who cares. i have resigned myself to the fact that cmc is totally lame, and i really should have transferred after freshman year. oh well.

October 2006

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